Music + Video: MY ROCK – Newspring Music ft. Dolapo


Newspring Music the Ontario based gospel music band debuts with a new song titled MY ROCK ft Dolapo

The song “My Rock” started with just a simple instrumental idea that was stumbled on during a jam session that turned into a songwriting session.

Over time it morphed into something much bigger, reflective of our current climate – for such a time as this. We spent time thinking of what the word ‘rock’ meant and explored the many ways in which God was ‘our rock,’ both individually and collectively. Through a series of group and individual introspection, key phrases like ‘a hiding place for me,’ ‘a fortress built for me,’ ‘a lifter of my head,’ and such phrases emanated.

Praising God with spunk, in an exciting and refreshing way, whilst calling Him by His descriptive names quickly became the vibe of this song. This vibe is emphasized by a chant towards the end of the song.

We consider it a huge flex that in these times of uncertainty, we are not confined to calling God just one name. We get to call Him His many names at any time because we have a relationship with Him! We believe that this song will be a huge inspiration to everyone that listens to it, reminding them to keep their faith in the only one who has the power to save – Jesus.

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Newspring Music (NSM) is a music record label and music group under Newspring Church, based in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. NSM was birthed from a place of passion for youth and young adults with musical talents with the aim of spreading the gospel globally through music. NSM aims to partner and support youth and young adults to be who God has called them to be, as we raise a generation of world-changers.

NSM works to develop content to encourage, uplift, inspire, and empower listeners with the perfect blend of creativity and the biblical word in the form of music. NSM explores diverse genres and styles of musical creativity in hopes to disseminate God-culture. With a team of Christ-led and seasoned songwriters, musicians, publicists, marketers/ sales experts, producers, and directors with over ten years of experience, NSM assures excellence

Credits for My Rock by NewSpring Music
Lead Singer: Dolapo Adewunmi
Writers: Akintomide Oyebola, Mofiyinfoluwa Lawal, Chukwuemeka Azuibike, Paul Akindolie
Producer: Dream Universe Music Group
Music Arranger: Marcus Walker and Sean Samuels
Background Vocals: Tarik Henry, Hope Mohabir, and Jamall Clarke
Piano: Marcus Walker
Aux: Godwin Hillary
Drum Programming: Sean Samuels
Drums: Rob Reavling
Bass: Kemy Siala
Guitar: Donnie Laudicina
Mix: Kristian StillWater Productions

Catch up with Newspring Music and learn more about their music and activities on:

Booking and Management: NewSpring Music
Contact Email:
Contact Number: +1 905 962 9091


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