Music: SOSONGO (Thank You) – MicFredo Feat Klassic


Ibom indigenous Afrogospel minister, rapper and singer Fredmicboi comes up with this fresh tune alongside with one of the E- town singer and producer Klassicbeatz to deliver this awesome piece titiled “SOSONGO (Thank you) ”

SOSONGO (thank you) is a song of gratefulness to God. counting all what would have been impossible in life if not for him, mighty power and the salvation we’ve obtained in the blood of Jesus.

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KLASSIC: Yeah ehh

Chei fredmicboi

You love dey shock me
This kind love no me small something ehh
Instead to CLOSE-UP my mouth
may I use ORAL – B

Koro idoho asana eded ikpung akeme ino testimony ( because it’s not only a person with clean tooth can give testimony )

If no be You that sickness for tire doctor
Ehh, I for tire for this lecture

Jesus, but na you be the reason why I live
24/7 you’re there for me

Ami nkebo yak ndino fi itoro ( I said let me come and give you praise )
Yak nkwo, yak nyong ukpono ( let me sing, let me honour you )
Ntak ado anam ami mbo ( that’s why I say)

“Oluwa eshe “X4.

KLASSIC : Sosongo do boho X2

V2: E for tire person
If no be jesu this world for tire person eh
Na you be the reason
why we’re still standing
You’re the life we’re living eh
Enemies left and right for bring us down

KLASSIC: (one time to the man on the cross)

But na you dey give us grown
KLASSIC: ( cuz na you I go follow no oh)

Jesu you be the reason
why we’re still standing
We no get voice but we’re still singing
Ntak ado anam ami mbo
( that’s why Isay..)

Abasi SOSONGO x8
Yeah, mkpa yemi rap but nbikan nnam nte MI
( I’ll like to rap but I would be able to do like M)

So funny! but nbikan nnam nte AY
( so funny! But I won’t do like AY)

But nkemeke ntide ( but can’t stop)
Nma nduk ufokAbasi ndino edidem the most high ukpono
( But once I get to church am going to give the Lord honour)

Mkpa yem inek etuk unek but mbikan nam nte poco lee
( I would like to dance but I will not be able to do like poco lee)

iniehe na mnidam se aye ayon ano kpa ado ette mbikama ukom fi
( nothing I can do what he gave, father that’s what I’ll use to praise you)

Nkemi nam ke iko idung nyin nte ikpa u do
( I wanted doing it in my dialect like ikpa udo)

Nkana but nsuk ndi ikwo mkpa ikwor
( I can not but I’ll stil be singing song)

Kuro afo’do ano owo uwem ntak ado anam yak mbo sosongo
( because you’re the life giver that’s why I say thank you. )

Sosongo boho
Edidem ( lord) sosongo ×8

Produced: klassicbeatz
Mixed: cabasamix


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