Music: Mighty Arm – Funke Ilori


Nigerian Gospel Music minister, Funke Ilori comes through the new month with a stupendous new sound, Mighty Arm, a sound that characterizes the powerful and potent power of God to save.

The music ministry extraordinaire who has been singing since the 90s pushes forth this unique song delivered in both Yoruba and English dialect as a tool to encourage everyone that God is still saving, mightily delivering all who calls for His divine presence. Listen and download!



Chorus: You have a mighty arm
Strong is your hand
And high is your right hand
Oh! Lord our God

Stanza 1: The Lord will come with might
With His arm ruling for Him
His mighty arm gathers
The tired lambs to His bossom
(Repeat) (Chorus 2times)

Stanza 2: No attributes of God
Is in conflict with another
Though Judge and Ruler of the universe
He tenderly leads His flock
He rest them in the heat of the day
He tenderly leads His flock
He adapts His pace to the weakest flock
He tenderly leads His flock
(Repeat) (Chorus 2times)

Ọwọ́ ọ̀tún Ọlọ́run mi agbára ni
Ọwọ́ ọ̀tún Jésù ń gba ni là
Ọwọ́ o, ọwọ́ o
Words:Who among the gods is like you? Oh! Lord.
You stretch out your right hand and the earth swallowed them
The right hand of the Lord is exalted
The right hand of the Lord does valiantly.

(Chorus 4times)


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