Recording/Performing Artiste, Song Writer, Fashion Designer, Life Coach, Certified Public Speaker, Medlye has released a brand new single titled “TEIKETU”.

TEIKETU is an Ijaw dialect from the Izon tribe of the Niger Delta, Bayelsa State of Nigeria.

It’s a ponder, reflection and exclamation of the mystery of God’s love for humanity that will make the Creator Himself descend, bearing flesh, caught as a Lamb, making Himself the ultimate sacrifice for redemption.

WHY? Couldn’t there have been another way when He created the world and all there is anyway?
LOVE? What manner of love could it be? What a mystery that humanity may never understand.

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Teiketu ah…. 2x
Efe Epereme 2x
(You died for me)

Ekere agono temeowei ke gba
(you created the heavens you say)
Kiri temeowei ke gba
(created the land you say)
Beni daeowei ke gba mo
(head of the seas you say)
wai ba oforu temeowei ke gba
(even created the wind you say)
Osuomo, Uraumo eniyai yo
(the rain and the sun are yours)
Keke, nama, idin kpo eniyai yo oo
(human, animal, and the fish are yours)
Femo, undu, kpo eniyai yo
(death and life are yours)
Mo ke emu gba mo ooo
(That is what you said)

Teiketu ah…. 2x
Efe Epereme 2x
(You died for me)

Kemetubou yi numugha doune
(human for lake of knowledge)
Sei ke selemo
(choose sin)
Oya ke selemo
(choose poverty)
Don ke selemo
(choose sickness)
Fe ke selemo
(choose death)
zio zio zio
(so sad)
Emene wo taribo doune
(but you loved us to much)
Sei bo konmo
(you took our sin)
Oya kpo konmo
(you took our poverty)
Don kpo konmo
(you took our sickness)
Fe kpo konmo
(you took our death)
Doo doo doo
(thank you)
Emena bebe finiagbe diame
(You made yourself a moon snail)
a i ikonmu mgbese ten ma kaimo ooo
(they took and nailed you on the cross)
Akpo temeowei anima bo pa ma as
(Creator of the world turned an animal)
Kemetubou ikiou numu Sonya
(Human mind can’t fathom the mystery)

Tarike tu gha…. 2x
(Is it love)
Efe Epereme 2x
(You died for me)

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