Music: Elgibbor Niyi – Show me love ft. Veeki Royce


Elgibbor Niyi as he is popularly known has been a very strong force and inspiration to many people, the consistency and excellence he brings to his craft have been amazing and mind-blowing. With his wealth of experience, he has dropped another remix from his current album( carrier), show me love, which is a contemporary fusion of Afro beats and high life featuring Veeki Royce.
Show Me Love is a song we can all relate to, especially at weddings and other occasions. Elgibbor Niyi is a global music minister, speaker, songwriter, cinematographer, and entrepreneur, he has ministered at different conferences both at home and abroad.


Lyrice (Show me love, Elgibbor Niyi feat. Veeki Royce)

Oh na na na na 2x
Na na na na na na

I’ve been searching for you
Thank God I found you

Ekuro la la baku ewa
That is my love for you
Anything that you want
I will do
You dey give me dey ginger
Wey dey make me dey swagger
Kori kosun koje
That is my love for you
I will fight for you
I will win for you

Show me love
You dey show me show me love oh eh 2x
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah

Make them feel real jealous
Say I’m your baby boo
Make me feel so precious
Say I’m your wifey
I don’t care what they say
As long as I am with you
So give me love

Baby give me till I calm down
They say love is so wicked
But me no gree my baby
Cause the love that you show me
E pass Romeo to Juliet
Oh baby mi my darling you
I will stay with you for life
Oh baby mi
I go dey with you for life

Show me love
You dey show me show me love oh eh 2x
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah

As original Naija boy
And correct God pikin’
I wanna go to mama
Baby boo oya come to my papa
I can’t wait any more
Who fit live me the way you do
Who fit do me the you do
Do me I do you

Baby I love you
I will stay with you
I will fight for you eh
( stay with me baby)
I will win for youuuuuu



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