Music: Daniel Nwachukwu (Da Voice) Free To Worship


Daniel Nwachukwu also known as Davoice is a Nigerian / Lagos based gospel music minister, keyboardist, guitarist, voice coach and music director who hails from Imo state. His passion for gospel music knows no bound as he has been in the children choir from childhood days, and started writing songs since he left secondary school, ministering in “BOW” Beauty of Worship, in six occasions since it’s inception since 2013 till 2018. He has been choir directing for years, ministering in Foundation Faith church and other denominations and fellowships.
Today, by the inspiration of the Holy ghost, he has written over 700 gospel songs and now releasing his first single “FREE TO WORSHIP” which was birthed from Hebrews 4:16 let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Don’t let the devil keep you perpetually in the place of guilt, When you can come to the fathers open arms freely.

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Verse 1
There is love
There is healing in Jesus name
There is Joy
And Salvation in his name
Oh you can come
You that labour
And are heavy Laden
His blood will make you
Whiter than snow
From the throne of grace
Oh how his mercy flows
Come and worship
Come and bow down
Come and kneel before
The Lord our God our maker
(You can come)
Come and worship
Come and bow down
Come and kneel before Yahweh
Verse 2
Long time ago
Only the priest could enter into
The holy place
To place the blood upon the altar
Till Jesus died
Now the temple’s veil
Was turn in two
Anyone can now enter in
It doesn’t matter
The weight Of your sin
The temple’s veil
Has been torn into pieces
No more on the outside
Now we can come with open faces


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