UK based Gospel music minister, Blessing Airhihen shares a timely message in her newest single titled “You Will Smile Again”.

“I had the inspiration to write this song in 2009 as we were preparing for our Annual musical concert “Soul Touch” at Shepherds Vine Christian Centre, Bayelsa State – Nigeria. The words of this song make God’s word come alive in me.” Blessing said.

God will do what He said He will do. As we prepare for the new year, let us look ahead with hope in our hearts. We will sing the victory song. The set time to favour Zion is now because God has favored us. There shall be a revival again. Be encouraged!

Blessing Airhihen is the coordinator of the Voice of Encouragement VOE, a platform to strengthen and uplift the Christians through songs, podcasts and prayer.

“You Will Smile Again” is now available on digital platforms;



Verse 1

It seems so hard for you to pray

Sometimes you don’t know what to say

You’ve done all you know to do

Called on everyone you could

What you once thought was right

Now seems wrong in your eyes

Your tears, your cares cloud your eyes

Now you feel like giving up


You will smile again

You will lift your head up high

The set time to favour you is now

You shall revive again

Just as God said you would

You will sing the victory song

In the overflow of grace

Verse 2

I know the plans i have for you

Thoughts of good and not of evil

My promises concerning you

They will surely come to pass

What is written concerning you

Supersedes what’s happening

My covenant i will not break

Evil will not prevail


Reach out to me

For there is grace abundant here

Grace that restores and makes dry bones revive again

Drink from this water and you will never thirst again

All the world will know that

I am Jehovah, I am God (modulate)


Connect with Blessing Airhihen

Facebook: Blessing.airhihen

Instagram: voice_of_encouragement_

Twitter: @of_voe

YouTube: Blessing AirhihenVOE


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