Music: AMA – Change My Name Oh Lord – (Throwback Video & Audio)


Nigerian gospel singer Ajibola Mabel Aina (AMA) dishes out a throwback of her song and video tagged ‘Change my name, oh Lord.

Change My Name, Oh Lord” is a powerful song written and performed by Ajibola Mabel Aina. This song explores the theme of personal transformation and finding one’s true identity through a spiritual connection with God. The lyrics convey a deep longing for change and a desire to be transformed into a new person.

The song begins with a plea to the Lord, acknowledging that only He has the power to bring about the desired change. It expresses a yearning to leave behind the old self and embrace a new identity. The repetition of the phrase “change my name” emphasizes the significance of this transformation.

The lyrics also highlight the struggles and challenges faced by the individual. It acknowledges that life can be difficult and overwhelming, but through faith in God, there is hope for a better future. The song encourages listeners to surrender their burdens to the Lord and trust in His ability to bring about positive change.

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