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Tesharah the Toronto based vocal powerhouse encourages believers worldwide with this new sound titled “HAVE A LITTLE FAITH”.

The inspirational song is infused with lovely island vibes and it will surely get your joy levels up.

The inspiration behind this song is to encourage those who may be weary in waiting. To remind them that God will do what He has promised; to not give up nor throw in the towel.

I hope that those who listen to this song will remember the Word God has given them and it would reignite a passion and a push in them to keep going.

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Tesharah is a gospel/inspirational singer/songwriter. Raised in church, Tesharah discovered her voice at the tender age of nine singing in the choir. She was known as the little girl with the big voice.

Jamaican born and Canadian raised the singer’s inspiration comes from many different genres. From gospel to reggae, pop, folk, soul and Rnb. These influences are heard in her music and her songwriting. Her latest single “Have a Little Faith” released August 2021 is a vibrant upbeat song with elements of reggae that motivates and inspires the listener.

Tesharah is multi-talented as she sings and writes her own songs. Tesharah’s writing ability spans many different styles and is heard throughout her EP released October 2016 entitled “Ready to make a Change”. Her inspirational song entitled, “Be the change” merges acoustic elements with reggae. Her captivating ballad titled “See you through” reaches to the heart of any listener and gently touches their soul. “Shine” is an inspirational/gospel pop song that will get the listener up and moving.

In light of her exposure and as a personal declaration, Tesharah desires that wherever she goes, her music and lifestyle will display the life and power of Christ. As her motto states, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven”.

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