Music: Uchechi – Faithful Father


Uchechi Lois Nwosu-Iroha makes a grand appearance with a much required, apt and timely source of encouragement as she releases her debut single – ”Faithful Father”.

Too many times, as human beings, we tend to expend so much energy and time on the things we perceive to be priority on our scale of urgent and important. The more targets we meet in those areas, the more we become sold out to doing them.
Suddenly, we realize that our creativity and motivation level has dropped to level zero because the bank we withdraw them from, which is in the place of continuous fellowship with God, is empty! It dawns on us that we have been too busy for the Author of Life. At this moment, everything comes to an inevitable halt. This was Uchechi’s experience.

However, in the midst of the pressure, depression, loss, recession, sadness and all, she found out that the only solution, the haven of help, peace and recovery, still remains returning back to the arms of the Father, God Almighty, the source of everything good. This she did and she recovered all that she had lost.

What is your story? What is your experience? As you listen to this Song, I pray that your eyes be open to see that the FAITHFUL FATHER is ever willing and consistently able to make everything right and make it all new.

”Faithful Father” produced by the un-paralled Amb. Wole Oni.



Nigeria-US based artiste – Uchechi Nwosu-Iroha holds a Bachelor Degree and a Masters Degree in Nursing, from California University, Chico and Charles Drew University, Los Angeles respectively.

In the midst of being consumed with the passion for her career, singing professionally has always and will continue to be an inevitable part of her life. It runs in her family, she has a sibling who is also sold out to doing music dedicatedly.

Presently, she serves at the International Christian Church, Los Angeles, mainly in the Choir, Social Media and Children’s Department. She is also a compère for talk shows and multiple social events.

Yes, she loves life, she loves to create her own fun, she enjoys dancing and fellowshipping with friends. But all she does is to the end that Jesus Christ is expressed in her daily living to everyone God brings her way.

Hence her passion for and choice of music/singing as a dispenser of the character and ability of our Lord, Jesus Christ. She is happily married with three children.


Song written and composed by Ambassador Wole Oni and Uchechi Iroha
Song arranged and produced by ambassador Wole Oni
Lead vocals: Uchechi Iroha
Background vocals: Matachi Adelakun, Esther Oladoye, Candace Manbra, Celeste Butler.
Keyboard and programming: W.O.M.P. and Tolu Oni
Live Bass: Leo Johnson
Drums: Marcelo Effori
Guitar: Segun Olasehinde
Mixed and Mastered by W.O.M.P. at W.O.M.P. Studio Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


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