Music: Just Sonnie – God is one



Just Sonnie – God is one

Just Sonnie - God is one

Just Sonnie – God is one

God is One was inspired by the senseless and baseless insurgency mounted upon Nigeria by ISWAP and BOKOHARAM jihadists. It is an advice for them to study their Koran well to be able to understand what a jihad is in Islam. When they think the atrocities they are committing will please God,they are actually digging themselves deeper into the pit of hell. God is not in what they are doing. Sometimes one is tempted to think that they other ulterior motives, other than advancing the cause of Islam. They should look to the Middle East,the birthplace of Islam,to learn how it is practiced. There is also an advice to racists to refrain from their shallow reasoning.

Generally, faiths and races globally are advised to recognize that God is just one,no matter what channel you are using to reach him. His attributes are standardized,and so long as you honour them, you will surely behold his face some day.



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