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JESUS POWER is a song that tell us more about the potency of what Jesus power can do.

About the Writer:

John Smart William is the Snr Pastor of Trinity International Christian Centre – TICC Worldwide, with its Int’l Headqtrs in the city of Parma – Italy.

He is not just a writer, preacher & teacher of the word but also a singer & author of several songs such as Heavenly Race, True God, Highly Lifted, I Just Can’t Tell (Arugbo ojo), Hallelujah (All I’ve Got To say), Lifted Praise, etc. He specialises more on his own genre/brand of music called ‘Afrolypso’. This song, “JESUS POWER” is an Afrolypso Afrobeat song composed & written by Pst John Smart William via divine inspiration.

PRODUCER: Kaystrings

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Pst John Smart William

LABEL: J Sim Wils


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