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Nathan Paul is a sensational music minister whom God has blessed with the grace to write inspirational songs that have been blessing souls in Nigeria and beyond such as The Lifter, Have Your Way , with your glory and so on. This time around, the crooner of The Lifter has come up again with a new single titled – Jehovah Mmudim.

According to 1 Samuel 17: 45-46, the Bible says when Goliath confronted David, David said to Goliath, “you come against me with a sword, a spear and a javalin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts of Israel whom you have defied.
Today, He will deliver you into my hands”… From this passage, The Lord of Hosts (translated as Jehovah Mmudim in Ibibio language in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria) was a shield and weapon of war to David as He is to everyone who depends on Him today.
Jehovah Mmudim is a song of worship and praise produced by King Baseda, one of the finest gospel producers in Nigeria with the fusion of African trado and soft gospel rock beat that can activate spirit man to worship God Almighty. The lyrics of the song are well written in English and Ibibio languages for everyone to understand.
I tag this song A Song Of Midnight Battle because of the inspiration behind it. God bless you as you listen to it, Amen.

Connect with Nathan Paul:
Whatsapp/Call: +234 810 628 1700
Facebook: Nathan Paul
Instagram: NathanPaulGospel

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Jehovah Mmudim
(The Lord of Hosts)
Tongues Speaking


Jehovah Mmudim
The Lord of Hosts
The Mighty Man of War
The one who never sleeps nor slumbers
I have come to worship you.

  1. Chorus:

I worship Jehovah Mmudim
My Shield in life, weapon of war
I worship Jehovah Mmudim
With you I prevail in all my ways (2x

Jehovah Mmudim
The Lord God of Hosts
The Mighty One, you’ve never lost a fight.
Jehovah Mmudim
Your strength can never fail
Your power prevails in all the earth, yayaya…..
Ayañabufiòk,mme anie owo ifiòk nte afo
(Unpredictable one,who knows like you,)
That your thoughts for me are good and ever true?
Iberedem mmi, ima mfo okpon ya’ mi
( My defender, your love overwhelmes me)
Your hands preserve my destiny.
you pull down evil walls,
Break every chain and yoke,
Change all evil plans
To save my precious soul
You blind all evil eyes watching over me
Your light secures my destiny.


I worship Jehovah Mmudim
My Shield in life, Weapon of War
I worship Jehovah Mmudim
With you I prevail in all my ways (2x)
Tongues Speaking

( A Great River that has no dirt)
Who can challenge you?
Who can be like you?
For everything you have done,
I’m here to lift your banner high.
Tongue speaking
Everybody say
The Lord God of Hosts
I lift your banner high (4x)
I lift your banner high(16x)
Lord of Hosts
Lord of Hosts
Lord of Hosts
I lift you higher (2x)
I lift you higher (8x)

I lift your banner high
In the night I lift you high
The Lord God of Hosts
I lift your banner high
With you I prevail in all my ways


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